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What is Every Anyone?
Every Anyone is a web3 platform and community dedicated to creating a hyperreal metaverse owned and controlled by users. We develop AI content generation tools that let any person generate photo-realistic, personalized avatars, appear in personalized content experiences across the metaverse, and manage their biometric data.
What is Every Anyone’s mission?
Our mission is to empower individuals by putting them at the center of the immersive content economies that will define how we use the internet in the future. By building AI content generation tools and infrastructure that lets users own and control their biometric data, we are building towards an ethical web3 economy where every internet user can access the limitless potential of the hyperreal metaverse.
How does Every Anyone relate to Metaphysic?
Every Anyone is a community project led by Metaphysic, a company building AI models and software to automate hyperreal synthetic content creation at internet scale. Metaphysic develops core infrastructure and AI content generation tools that put individuals at the center of web3 economies in the metaverse. The result is a decentralized production process that can generate personalized hyperrealistic content at scale. Founded by the creators of @DeepTomCruise , Metaphysic and its team are world leaders in AI-generated hyperreal content.
What kind of personal data is needed to generate my hyperreal avatar?
Today, generating a personalized hyperreal avatar only requires a few high-quality images. As our AI models become bigger and more sophisticated, further user data will be needed to create immersive and dynamic hyperreal content experiences. Our goal is to create a distributed data management platform so that individuals do not have to send their sensitive private biometric data to every platform that wants to create personalized content experiences. Every Anyone will securely facilitate transfers of processed biometric data to vetted content creation partners only with consent from individual users.
How are Every Anyone’s signature NFTs created?
Every Anyone’s Community Collection is made up of 10k unique fictional humans. Each NFT is generated by a generative adversarial network trained on an ethically sourced dataset of real people’s faces. After generation, each NFT is animated or modified by other AI tools to alter the person’s gender or age. Every pixel in the animations is 100% synthetic and machine-generated!
Are these NFTs unique?
How do AI models change the appearance of hyperreal people?
Every Anyone’s AI models learn to interpolate or change the appearance of synthetic faces based on an understanding of how different human faces relate to each other that is derived from weeks of training on large datasets. The models can cycle seamlessly between gender, age, hair styles, facial expressions, and accessories like glasses and earrings.
How many NFTs are there in the launch collection?
Every Anyone’s signature launch NFT collection consists of 10k unique NFTs.
Will there be more collections or collabs in the future?
Yes, we have a lot in the works! Imagine combining the visual DNA of your hyperreal NFT with your favorite celebrity to mint a new hybrid avatar! Or, imagine that your favorite movie character creates a sub-collection of hyperreal avatars so anyone can act out their character in the metaverse.

The team at Metaphysic regularly works with the world’s best known creators—many of whom are investors—to make amazing hyperreal synthetic media. We can’t wait to offer the community at Every Anyone the chance to participate in this content as their hyperreal selves!
When is the official launch?
Soon! Check our community Discord for updates.
How do I join the Every Anyone community?
Get involved in the Every Anyone community on our Discord and follow us on Twitter to stay updated on the project!
What are the benefits that come with owning an Every Anyone signature NFT?
By holding an Every Anyone Community Collection NFT, you will be first in line to create your own hyperreal avatar NFT. You will also receive early access to beta test upcoming AI animation and functionality to customise your avatar with exclusive modification, backgrounds, and styles. You will also have access to upcoming limited collaborations with our creative partners, games, and artists.
When will I be able to create my own hyperreal NFT?
We will be announcing Generation 1 of the personalized hyperreal NFT shortly. Check in at our community Discord for more info.
Does the Every Anyone Community Collection include NFTs of real people?
No, every NFT in our Community Collection features a person who does not exist that has been generated by an AI model trained on images of real people. Every Anyone NFTs are clearly labeled as part of the launch collection and feature stylised backgrounds, AI morphing, and transformations that are designed to further show the non-existent people featured aren’t real.
Can you sell or transfer your hyperreal avatar after you’ve created it using Every Anyone?
Your hyperreal avatar is free to mint (excluding minting fees) and is locked to your wallet. It cannot be sold - that would be weird! We are experimenting with letting users create sub-collections of their likeness for collaborations. Join our Discord to stay up to date on the latest developments.
Could I lose control of my Every Anyone hyperreal avatar?
If you lose your private keys or access to your wallet, you will be able to upload your data under a new wallet and recreate your hyperreal avatar. Don’t lose your keys.
Where does Every Anyone store my personal biometric data?
Today, we are storing data off-chain on our secure servers. Many of our AI models and pipelines are very data intensive so we need the data located close to the GPUs we are training or inferring on. We are exploring how to decentralize storage of users’ biometric data on personal devices. More to come on this front soon.
Can Every Anyone use my data to train models without my consent?
No. You must consent before anyone uses your biometric data to train models or create your hyperreal likeness in an immersive content experience. You will be able to opt in to allow us to use your data when we train general models, which will help make better versions of your hyperreal avatar!
Is my hyperreal avatar portable across metaverse platforms and immersive content experiences?
Yes! Every Anyone’s hyperreal avatars are designed so that your hyperreal avatar can be used across many different metaverse platforms and experiences.
Why should I use Every Anyone to store and manage my biometric data?

Unlike many web2 platforms, Every Anyone is designed to give you absolute control over your private data. Biometric data from your image, face, and voice can be used by anyone to create a realistic version of you saying and doing literally anything. So you need to control and limit who you send this data to. In the future, many platforms will ask for your face and voice data to create more exciting personalized content experiences.

On a philosophical level, if we are using AI to create many versions of the physical world inside multiple hyperreal virtual experiences, the real world dataset used to train the models should come from one unified definitive source to achieve consistency and portability. Even if users and AI models modify and customize hyperreal avatars and content, the baseline content will be data from your unique experience of reality.

Will Every Anyone vet metaverse applications that users can create hyperreal content with?
We will carefully vet all content creators and platforms that we partner with to ensure they are responsibly developed and not designed for malicious uses. In every case, you will have to give your consent for a platform to use your data. You will do this when you log in to or participate in the content experience.
Does the quality of my synthetic avatar depend on bias in the algorithm?
Every Anyone is committed to helping all users access the hyperreal metaverse. We are working hard to source data and train models that represent all ethnic and gender backgrounds to ensure that everyone has a good experience.
How do you know that I am making a hyperreal avatar using my data and not someone else's?
To create a hyperreal NFT avatar, all you need is a wallet, some good quality images of your face and minting fees. Only one hyperreal avatar can be minted per account. In the future, third party applications will request to use your biometric data and avatar to offer you immersive personalized content experiences. For some applications, including voice calls, official use, classrooms, etc., you will need to verify that you are, in fact, the person who’s data was submitted when the hyperreal avatar was created. This is to stop a user from creating a hyperreal avatar of a third party using their image data and then create unauthorized content or animations portraying that third party. The real world identification process will be straightforward, secure, and similar to standard Know Your Customer ID checks required to use exchanges and other financial services.
How will Every Anyone moderate/monitor identity theft?
Every Anyone is developing dedicated user safety and protection guidelines to help protect users’ hyperreal avatars and quickly respond to reported cases.