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Hyperreal avatars for the metaverse.

Create your avatar using advanced AI and use it anywhere.

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Recreate yourself using AI.

Be the very first to experience our cutting-edge AI technology and create a hyperreal synthetic avatar of yourself.
Take a picture of yourself.
Let us generate your avatar.
Your hyperreal avatar is ready to go!
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Play around with your look.

Unleash your creativity and edit your appearance. Save the hyperreal versions of you and use them across platforms and apps.
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Own and manage your digital self using our platform.

Be in control of who you are. Own and control use of your biometric data and let your hyperreal avatars become your IDs to web3 content economy.
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Metaphysic would like to use your data for AI model training that will improve the look of your avatar.
Intergalactica would like to import your avatar.

Use your hyperreal animated avatar wherever you want.

From social media, video calls with co-workers, online courses with classmates, to hyperreal games where you are ‘literally’ your favorite character.
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Your hyperreal world.

Everything that happens in the physical world will be accessible as a content experience in the hyperreal immersive metaverse.
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Real world object captured on a few photos recreated by the AI in the virtual 3D world.
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What we care about

A metaverse for you

We want everyone to be at the center of their own metaverse - so that our time spent online is more personal, immersive and meaningful. Our first step is programmable, hyperreal avatars created by AI using any individual’s unique biometric data.

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The metaverse will be hyperreal

Soon, many virtual experiences will look hyperreal - as if they were shot with a camera in real life. Video calls with co-workers, online courses with classmates, MMORPGs where you are ‘literally’ your favourite character.

When the metaverse becomes a seamless extension of physical reality - you need to be in control of who you are.

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An ethical metaverse

We believe in a diverse, inclusive and ethical metaverse that empowers individuals to own and safeguard their hyperreal identity and control how algorithms use their face and voice data.

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The role of AI

To transform our 8 billion unique realities into virtual space we need AI tools that automate the content creation process at scale. We hope that metaverse platforms, creators and individuals will all have a stake in the web3 content economies that will define how we use the internet.

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Every anyone

Signature Collection

Full details are coming soon.

Our signature collection features 10k AI-generated, fictional people. They are hyperreal humans that do not exist in the real world. Before we launch our 1st generation of personalised avatars, we want our community to experiment with version 0.1 - the prototypes.

Our Community Collection NFTs are animated synthetically by AI algorithms. They grow older and younger. They change gender and become everything in between. Sometimes they smile.


We are AI artists, creatives, data scientists, developers, and machine learning engineers. Every Anyone is a community project initiated by the team at Metaphysic.ai - Join us.

Chris Umé
Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer
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Simon Deckers
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Alexandre Carvalho
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Tomáš Koutský
Software Engineer
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Gabriel Dumitrescu
Machine Learning Researcher
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Thomas Graham
Co-Founder & CEO
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Bert Dirkx
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Jo Plaete
Director, Product Innovation
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Many of our investors are high-profile creatives and not yet announced. We are working on creative projects with them right now. Stay tuned!
EveryAny.one is a project by Metaphysic

World leading innovators

Metaphysic is co-founded by world-leading AI artist, Chris Umé, who developed many of the tools and techniques behind today’s best deepfakes. From the viral sensation @DeepTomCruise on TikTok to South Park’s ‘Sassy Justice’ , Chris and the team are at the forefront of innovation in synthetic media and AI-assisted content creation.

Press and News

The ethical production of hyperreal synthetic media and the responsible development of technologies that enable its creation are critical to the DNA of Metaphysic.

- Thomas Graham

Metaphysic’s work goes beyond entertainment and content — it is about building connections among people, and creating a more seamless interface between reality and the time we spend online

- Bill Marris, Founder of Section 32 and Google Ventures

[Metaphysic’s] mission [is to] build core infrastructure for the metaverse and, in turn, help anyone create hyperreal virtual experiences and other content that is limited only by the imagination.

- Venture Beat

Metaphysic builds AI models and software to automate hyperreal synthetic content creation at internet scale. We are the creators of the viral @DeepTomCruise account on Tiktok, which is the world's most sophisticated and well-known showcase of AI-generated content that is indistinguishable from footage shot with a camera.

Visit Metaphysic website